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The Ultimate Communicator Course

Are you a corporate or private trainer in need of fresh content to teach?

The Ultimate Communicator is a course designed to provide your students with the interpersonal skills they need to positively influence the client or customer. Designed for those in sales, marketing, customer service, management, professional services, or one-on-one therapy, The Ultimate Communicator will help the student understand the various personalities and idiosyncrasies of the individuals they encounter.

But, it doesn’t stop there. This course is not only meant for professionals, it is also battle tested for those seeking their match in their personal life. If you are a man, woman, princess, or knight in shining armor, The Ultimate Communicator can help you find Mr. or Mrs. Right as well.

During this course, the student will learn the following:

  • How the mind works
  • How to recognize Type A and B personalities
  • Understand and identify career and personal goals
  • Become a keen observer through enhancement of intuitive skills

The Ultimate Communicator also includes a Personality Profile and a Thinking Style Profile created by the course designer.

Most importantly, this course was designed with fun in mind. The student will learn to be comfortable with any person they meet face-to-face or speak to on the phone, while the personality and thinking style profiles allows them to understand more about themselves in an entertaining way.

The Ultimate Communicator can be taught using Microsoft Power Point as a tool for the presentation, where fun diagrams and engaging information are geared toward keeping an audience interested and to encourage participation. Students will become immersed in the subject from the time they sit in their seats to the time they leave the classroom!

If you are interested in teaching this course, or would like to hear more, please send me an email at: