Passage to healing



“I suffered from agoraphobia for 3 years and there were times when I was totally housebound. When I met you I started to improve and to enjoy myself more outside. The panic attacks and anxiety faded away and are almost gone for good; you have taught me how to control my emotions and overcome them and that the anxiety and panic attacks are all imagination, keeping you away from the real world. There is still some work to do to be 100% cured but it takes time and the more I’ll be out of the house the more I want to stay out now. I couldn’t have done it without your help. I want to start 2010 as the new me and leave the old one in 2009 next year. I want to focus more on performing, meetings, interviews, social activities, etc. For an agoraphobic person I think I made huge steps these last four weeks. I am going out everyday and enjoying it. Thanks for all your professional work. I’m starting to live again.”

Randolph Azzopardi, Malta


“John, you are a very gifted and talented person. One could argue that God is actually working through you to help save souls. I do believe that God will continue to use you to do great things as long as you always remain true & authentic (top of your craft). The work you do is both relevant and necessary. “

Shawna – Toronto, Canada/Phone Sessions


“Hi John, saw you on TV today, you were talking about sleep…You said it is not good to read at night (because the mind has to process the words instead of resting), well you are right there. I really want to get better and better, and with your help I am on the right path to a New Me. I had so much anger that I could not sleep like normal people, but now I am already sleeping and it feels great. I am so happy that at last I (YOU I mean) 🙂 can deal with my sleeping problems. Though I am a very very strong person, I know I was falling little by little in a depressive state, (and I could not help myself anymore). I was willing to bear it to the end on this earth as I had given up on all hope of ever sleeping again and I lost all faith in medicines and pills which made my condition worse. I can NOW cope with the day’s stress quite easily. What I have been missing all these years! You came in the right time and moment in my life when I nearly was going nuts, I could not control any more the creative thoughts which where shooting in my head like arrows, had too much of them, like all wanting to say to me …. listen to what I have to tell you, I am the best.

Julie, Malta


John, I am doing really well! I am doing 3 classes a week of yoga and going out on weekends making new friends. Because of the depression, I haven’t had this motivation to go to yoga and go out in four years! Many people think hypnosis is a one-time thing but as you said it is a journey of self-discovery. Your life coaching really helped me the most to see how I was beating up on myself. I have never felt this good in my life, no exaggeration!’

Denise, Gozo, Malta


“About 8 months ago I decided to undergo hypnosis after unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for over two years. The doctors couldn’t find anything physically wrong with me, but I somehow was convinced there was. Many women I spoke to had had problems and most of those women couldn’t conceive. I was about to give up hope altogether. Then one day I started sessions with John. Within short months I got pregnant, and I couldn’t believe how the mind can affect even a woman’s fertility. My thoughts and the related stress had been preventing me from functioning naturally… but it took only a few sessions to unravel the issue and move on. This has allowed me to gain what I see as life’s most precious gift.”

Joan, Attorney – Atlanta, GA


“Thanks so much for being there for me and putting things in a better perspective. You have helped me tremendously…keep on your own path. What you do DOES make a difference in people’s lives.”

Patrick- Baltimore, MD

Motivation/ Goal Setting/ Stress

“I’ve been in Jamaica for the last two years working online for a US company as a mathematican. I often think about my sessions with you b/c I also wanted to develop and express the right-side of my brain and now it has happened – I’m also building a naturopathic practice here in JA. My parents live on the other side of the island so I see them often.”

Dr. Gina Robinson, Atlanta, GA/Jamaica


Hi John sorry to take to take so long Basically Quite happy with my results in Berlin.

I was still a bit sick and managed to pull off good swims I was just splits away from my 50 and 100m national records

And also improved my 200 individual medley and I am now also very close to breaking that national record

I wasn’t too happy with my 50 freestyle as even though I was just a bit slower than my time I still know I can do much better

The only race that really upset me was my 200 breaststroke as I know I held back because I wasn’t confident in it. Hopefully, I manage to fix this next time.

I am looking forward to racing in Luxembourg on the 28th January Now I know I’m racing well but I really need to believe that I can get much faster in such a short period I feel like everyone is supporting me and waiting for me to qualify but I still see these 4 seconds pretty hard to cut off in such a short period We will see but I definitely know I am going to get closer!

Diane, Malta [NOTE: Since writing the testimonial, Diane broke the national record in her country for the 50m and 200m breaststroke on January 28, 2016 in Luxembourg. And in March of 2016, she won a bronze in the 50 m breast, silver in the 100 m and gold in the 200 m in France’s 34th Meeting National du Chamalieres-Montferrand]

Hi this is Dario the footballer. I just want to say thank you because I had my trial today and played with total confidence. I was injured before the match and still was one of the best players. Thank you!”

Dario, Malta

“The Gold Coast Marathon is over, and I am pleased to report that your recommendations (plus whatever else I did) re my injured left foot worked. During the last week before the race (6th July 2008) I concentrated fully on the exercises and the race, and the action paid off. I managed not only to finish the race, but ran the full distance, and improved my last year’s time by five minutes. Thanks!”

Karel, Australia

“Hi John, I took part of the 5km race. I placed second female and did one of the best times I ever did :-)”

“Hi again John, It seems like you can forsee things! Did a race in Sicily last week. I placed 1st in my category and 2nd over all! I graduated the end of Novemeber and saw a small increase in my wage. I am doing 3 jobs plus training but coping! I am getting well known for my business and clients are calling incessantly. I got all December booked up till mid January!”

“Hello John, things just seem to keep getting better. I would like to report something else that just happened in my life. I had my first ever Small States of Europe competition in Cyprus – the Triathlon event – and I came in fourth place!!

Marica, Malta