Passage to healing


What is Hypnosis?

A state of being created by overloading the conscious mind; thus, accessing and then conditioning the subconscious.

What is Coaching?

Whenever I am working with someone, I first get the big picture of what’s going on in his or her life – personally and/or professionally. Then I drill down for details. This will help me help the client more because it is difficult to know how to use hypnotherapy effectively in a specific situation without understanding what I am dealing with. Once I appreciate what is going on in my client’s life, I coach, teach and/or mentor on a conscious level and then use hypnotherapy on a subconscious level – taking a wholistic approach.

How is hypnosis done?

Hypnosis is a two step process: the induction (to take one into trance) and the suggestions (the words or programs used to accomplish goals, break habits and relieve stress). There are numerous inductions that different hypnotists in the world use. I created my own induction (The JOImethod) after working with countless of these other inductions and found they were either too crude in delivery or didn’t get the client deep enough for accessing and conditioning the subconscious.

My induction allows the client to reach the deepest part of his or her subconscious easily and effortlessly.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes if the right induction is used. Oftentimes I get calls stating that ‘I have a strong mind, therefore I cannot be hypnotized.’ With my induction (The JOImethod), there is no mental battle between me and my client. After my sessions, the client feels as if he or she had a mental and/or emotional massage to relieve stress, tension and/or pent up emotions and at the same time accomplish his or her goals.

What can I use hypnosis for?                                      

Hypnosis can be used for practically anything in one’s personal and/or professional life…My focus is on establishing inner peace, balance and harmony in one’s life, combating and releasing emotional issues and career/relationship coaching.

What should I expect to experience in a typical session?

Every hypnotherapist and coach is different. The following describes the essence of my style.


Depending on what you want hypnotherapy to do for you, this is how I utilize this therapy it in different situations, according to need:

Addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders or weight loss

I use mentoring, coaching and behavior modification on a conscious level. Hypnotherapy (targeting the subconscious) is also employed to assist the client with breaking the habit, balance the emotions, increase self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth. With weight loss clients, I work on conditioning the subconscious mind to enjoy small portions, increase and then stabilize the metabolism and enjoy being in his or her on skin. Once the goal is achieved, the mind and body are protected from destructive behaviors.


With the population explosion, more and more cars on the road (road rage), relationship challenges, the demands of careers, hostility and violence in our music and on television, we are becoming increasingly impatient with ourselves and others. Anger affects our lives in many different ways – it may or may not have a root cause (for example, anger at a specific person who wronged us long ago) depending on the individual. I use hypnotherapy to separate the client from his or her burdens…to instill patience, inner peace and balance all at a subconscious level.

Career Options

For a client who desires a change in career or to start their own business, I will take an assessment of their professional skills and help the client shift their focus on the right area(s) that fits their goals. Many people have exhausted themselves from a demanding corporate job and they are seeking a change. For others, it may be that they just cannot find a job in these difficult times. I will help the client in this transition process. If the client is confused as to what they want to do in life, my personality questionnaire/handwriting profile (free with session) is a helpful tool to assist in determining if the client is more comfortable with a left brain or right brain type of career/business. If the client needs help with increasing confidence and/or motivation in reaching their goals, hypnotherapy and coaching sessions are highly effective to get the client on the fast track toward success.


I use hypnotherapy to help clients develop their creative side and through coaching, I show them how to offset the emotional struggles that artistic people normally go through. Besides, every artist needs to give attention to the business side of things – an often neglected but necessary aspect for those who make a living – or want to make a living – from their art. My program will teach the client how to handle every aspect of a creative career.

Emotional Issues

An adult who suffers from the effects of trauma such as childhood abuse, anger, anxiety, depression, fear, obsessive thoughts, panic attacks, phobias or the stress and strain of a relationship would receive coaching and behavior modification for the conscious mind. A decompression of the overloaded mind and emotions; the creation of balance and inner peace by letting go/acceptance, and a decrease in sensitivity toward one’s environment and the people one interacts with will be applied to the subconscious mind through hypnosis. After this, the client’s previously misused thoughts and emotions are refocused toward different goals to foster a change in the client’s personal and/or professional life.

With those that may have suffered the debilitating affects of child abuse, Deprogramming is the key to reaching deep inside of the client’s emotional center of the brain and disconnecting those painful memories from the past. Without releasing these memories, the adult who suffered this abuse will continue to live a disruptive life in his or her personal and/or professional life. Most importantly, after internal peace, balance and harmony are established, I will coach/teach/mentor this client to know how to consistently maintain this calm and relaxing state of mind. 

Mental and Emotional Massage

Ever wished you could feel like you’ve had a relaxing vacation in moments, and at a fraction of the cost? This is entirely possible! With the daily tension of life – taking care of kids, pets, marriage, family relationships, career, and the rising costs of living – stress enters our lives and disrupts our flow of nature. You may feel high-strung and overwhelmed – and you need a break. With the kind of therapy that provides a mental and emotional massage, the client will be taken down to the deepest levels of relaxation and the stored up tension will be released from all of his or her muscles; Inner peace, calm, balance and harmony will be established and the client feels refreshed and reinvigorated. When the flow of nature is in balance, the brain and all of the bodily functions perform at the optimal level! Some clients may need this type of session once a month and others may use it once a week just to relieve their daily stress and maintain strong mental and emotional health.

Relationship issues

I use hypnotherapy, mentoring and coaching to help the client(s) de-stress from all of the emotional turmoil caused by their relationship. Sometimes, dealing with the stress is all that is needed to prompt a person to see more clearly through the confusion in his or her life.

Sports enhancement

I show athletes how to get into ‘the zone’ and stay there throughout a game/competition. Hypnotherapy is key in helping the client lock their game-winning strategy in place. Clients are also taught visualization techniques to practice before any game.

If there is an athlete who may be going through personal challenges (anxiety, depression, fear, relationship/family stress, or any other emotional issue) and these problems are preventing him or her from being their best in competition, hypnotherapy and coaching must be applied to these personal issues first. The mind and body must be at their optimal level for any athlete to consistently perform successfully!

Note: Even though hypnotherapy is a very strong tool, it often takes more than one session to accomplish the above goals. As mentioned, hypnosis is designed to reach deep inside of the mind and condition the subconscious. According to research, hypnotherapy has been known to be 93% successful with at least 6 sessions!