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Creating Balance within the Mind-Body Connection

Fireplace photo jpgWhat does ‘healing’ really mean?

It means a state of internal PEACE – BALANCE – HARMONY within the mind, body and emotions!

Three simple words yet these states are so difficult to attain and enjoy in our busy lives. The many challenges we face may overshadow our internal peace. Any one negative thought, feeling, person, event, situation or environment may disrupt our balance. Malicious words, traumatic experiences, arguments, disagreements or disappointments may alter our harmony.

When our peace, balance and harmony are affected, we may experience a host of emotional issues such as: addiction, anger, anxiety, depression, fear/phobia, insomnia, low energy, obsessive thought, panic attack and broken relationships, among others.

To learn more about hypnosis and how I use it in conjunction with one-on-one coaching to help address and heal emotional issues, click here.

John Owens Life Counselor

John Owens Life Counselor. One On One Sessions 

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