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This Article appeared on: Malta Sport

Adrenaline is the necessary chemical needed to assist an athlete in winning competitions. Too much of it may cause nervousness or anxiety right before a match; not enough of it may cause one to finish last. Being unaware of the importance of adrenaline may cause an athlete to have ups and downs during competitions as he or she wouldn’t know what does and does not work.

So how does one harness this natural chemical at the most opportune time – right before or during a competition? And how about to quiet it down after the competitions are over for the day?

If we look into prehistoric times, man utilized adrenaline in a fight/flight mechanistic way. He literally had to fight for his food or run away from someone bigger or stronger who wanted the food more.

Today, as man has evolved into a civilized being, adrenaline isn’t needed as much. Oftentimes, an individual with too much adrenaline in a structured society may run into problems. Excessive adrenaline may lead to commission of reprehensible acts, such as school bullying, spousal abuse, and road rage—which lands one in prison and/or having to attend court ordered anger management courses.

How does one utilize adrenaline to a high level when it is needed most – during competitions – without risking it turning into anger?

Sports Psychology is the key!

Sports psychology may show an athlete how to take advantage of adrenaline and get it to work for him or her at an optimal level, without it turning into a negative, inner force or compulsion.  Traditional therapy, combined with hypnotherapy sessions, contribute effectively to teaching an athlete how to control and manage self-doubt, self-criticism (relating to performance or ability), negative self-talk, and the lack of focus—hence transforming and ‘mind-training’ that person with raw power to become, act and think like an international champion!

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