Passage to healing


johnofficialpicJohn Owens is a clinical hypnotherapist, life counselor, corporate trainer, author of eight books and creator/developer of the training course, The Ultimate Communicator. John spent over 30 years in the corporate world working in sales, marketing, customer service, technical support, engineering, corporate training, and top level management. As National Tech Support Operations Manager in the telecommunications field, he interviewed and recruited employees, managed tech support department employees, served as Acting Director where necessary, and facilitated training classes for incoming technical specialists. In addition, for two decades, John has diligently studied human psychology, behavior and emotions, as well as performed and taught handwriting analysis techniques in the corporate sector. As a business and personal coach, he has helped people and organizations live up to their true potential.

John has expanded his clinical hypnotherapy practice on two continents using his own therapeutic method – the JOI Method – that blends life counselor and hypnotherapy for maximum effectiveness. During the last 10 years, he has assisted new and experienced hypnotherapists with training in this method, as well as provided tools to assist clients who face difficult emotional challenges. As of 2009, John set up practice in Malta and employed his method of healing with clients in health establishments, spas, spiritual and wellness centers, and various establishments owned by St. James Hospital Group.

John specializes in helping people overcome emotional challenges. He has worked closely with professional athletes by enhancing their performance. His client list includes American NBA players, high school football players, wrestlers and golfers, the Malta national swimming team, cyclists and marathoners. Some of his clients went on to achieve national records in their chosen sport, participate in world athletic events (such as the 2014 Junior Olympics in Nanjing, China and the 2015 Fina World Championships in Kazan, Russia), and achieve higher successes in American professional sports.

In the business field, John uses his skills as a corporate consultant to assist with motivating employees for a healthier, more productive job environment.

John has spoken publicly at various events, workshops and medical conferences, such as the Malta Cardiologists Society conference, addressing 60 cardiologists on smoking and its effects, as well as appeared on Maltese network television to speak about the benefits of hypnosis and how it works to overcome emotional problems. John was also invited to be a guest speaker addressing 150 MBA students for Henley Business School, Malta.

In his most recent project, John has teamed up with a licensed psychologist to develop mental health awareness tools for those in need.

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